At Home SprayTan

My experience with tanning spray on is now approaching multiple decades. Innovation sometimes comes from a personal need and I wanted to design and provide something that would be useful, effective so you could target focus all parts of the body. You will discover like never before a spray tan is now so easy to apply. Just pop a can into the wand and spray in the complete comfort and privacy of your home.


We want to see a future where anyone can achieve a flawless all-over at home spray tan in privacy without the help of second person.

SheerTan Wand is a patented, smart innovation that was created to give just enough length to reach over your shoulder, around your torso and down the back of the legs to achieve that complete at home spray tan with perfection and at a fraction of the cost of a salon or esthetically-applied tan. Before a spray tan, be sure to familiarize yourself with the operation of loading and unloading the SheerTan Aerosol.

You could go to a giant warehouse-style discount store and rummage around in the automotive department to find a wand that kinda, sorta holds your self-tanner. Or, you can use the SheerTan Wand for quick, even coverage of your back and other hard-to-reach places. It’s a fast, easy way to get a gorgeous at home spray tan. No cars involved.


Like never before a spray tan can be as easy as:

  • 1 – open the wand then
  • 2 – pop in a can and
  • 3 – lower the cap
  • 4 – spray away

The at home spray tan to the level of darkness YOU like. Go for the light sun-kissed look or heavier application for that just from the tropics appearance.



1. Before a spray tan, unfold the wand by grasping the handle secured near the open cap with one hand and pull away from the cap with the other hand, extending the handle down until it locks into position.

2. Press the tab below the cap to open the cap lid to expose the empty cylinder.

3. A) Insert the at home spray tan aerosol into the empty cylinder. Turn the spray nozzle
to face out or the middle of the cap opening.

B) Lower the cap cover until it locks into the closed position.



  • Grasp the wand at the base of the handle. Depress the hand trigger to dispense the self tanner into the air for a little practice.
  • The mist will make the area around your body slick so make sure you stand on a non-slip surface like a towel to avoid slipping.
  • For best results while spraying, keep the self tanner wand moving at all times.
  • Keep the nozzle 5 to 6 inches away from your skin.
  • Move the wand in up and down or circular motions overlapping for even coverage.
  • For step by step application instruction, please see before a spray tan application instructions.

At Home Spray Tan WAND Storage:

You may leave the SheerTan Aerosol Spray inside the wand. It will not dispense any solution it if it in the folded position and the handle is secured to the upper base.

To fold, push the button indicated below to release the handle. Fold the handle upward and secure by pushing the handle into the clamp near the back of the cap.