Tanning Tips

How long does a spray tan last?

Is your skin ghostwhite a polar bear would be jealous or so pale you look conspicuously supernatural?
Well then, it’s time to whip out your ‘best pale face’ contrast with SheerTan’s sunless or instant bronzer glow. How-to’s on this page address questions like, what to do before a spray tan or how long does a spray tan last. Revive your skin’s luster with theses three steps – exfoliate, spray and moisturize with SheerTan and, as always, no assistance needed!


As you probably know already, it is true that spray tan tips most always begin with what to do before a spray tan – skin preparation by exfoliation. Without question, exfoliating gives you the ideal surface for your sunless tanner. So what exactly does exfoliating mean and what is the best practiced process?

  • You can read more in deapth about exfoliation by checking out the Ms. Sunshine Blog where exfoliation is discussed in detail.
  • With the physical exfoliate of your choice, apply liberally onto wet skin and create enough friction across the skin to dislodge your layer of dead skin cells.
  • With an enzymatic exfoliate, spread evenly onto wet skin with a thin layer and allow at least 2 minutes for the process to dissolve the binder that holds the old cells that cling to the skin.



When you apply SheerTan Spray Tanner onto freshly exfoliated skin, you can expect your tan to last 5 to 7 days and begin to fade naturally.

Why do some tanners claim to last 10 days?

If you understand applying a spray or lotion tan works its magic on the top outermost layer of skin. It doesn’t matter which method or brand you choose, it still tans only the out layer of skin.

Then, as a natural biological process, our skin sloughs off at irregular intervals.. unlike reptiles that lose their skin all at once.

Loosing the skin cells at different intervals means that you will begin to see white spots through your tan where the cells have fallen off. The area of white will increase until your tan disappears. The best way to extend that period of tanned skin time is by slowing the sloughing-off process.

You can easily extend the number of days by moisturizing daily because the number one culprit to rapid sloughing is dry skin. Skin moisture helps to hold on to those cells longer!


Your feet and ankles are one of the most annoyingly troublesome coverage areas because they are uneven and bony with variable high and lows. When not applied with care, they cause easily spotted snafus! So what to do before a spray tan is answered with these tips:

  • Your heels are sometimes dry and cracked around the tops and literally drink in the sunless tanner so keep the spray away from the tops of the heels!
  • Careful not to spray too heavily on the back of the ankles. Because the wand makes it so easy to reach, there is a tendency to get really, really close to the back with the tanning solution.
  • There is a drift down of the mist onto the tops of your feet when you apply so angle your feet away when you spray your arms.

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  • When mist falls to the floor when spraying, it leaves an extra layer of tanner on top of the ankle so I lay a tissue over each ankle to prevent double coverage.
  • Stepping onto a towel prevents the bottoms of the feet from becoming tanned.
  • Standing in 1/2 inch of water in the bathtub just over the heels protects my cracked heels from absorbing too much color.
  • I use Bath and Body Works Pleasures Lotion – I love the Coconut Lime Verbena Lotion; it smells divine!
  • When spraying your face, don’t squint your eyes closed or it will leave white squint lines. Not a good look!
  • Always test the spray with a light layer first then follow with another layer if you prefer a darker tan. After spraying your face, wipe your lips and eyebrows with a wet Qtip.

topI am an avid tanner so I exfoliate and reapply about every 4 or 5 days ~ I love how healthy it makes me look! Don’t let that alligator look creep up, just rub briskly with your Fav exfoliate and reapply. Magically, it will cover and even out your tan.

Spray only to the bottom of your calves. And a little extra moisturizer to your calves and pull the mixture of moisturizer and tanner down onto the ankles and feet. It makes a even, lovely transition that looks natural. Don’t forget to spread a little between the toes.


Chlorine and salt water will diminish the color of your tan.


The only time I take the can out of the wand is when I spray my face.


If your are very, very pale, begin with a light layer testing the depth with each additional layer until you reach the desired level. For those who already have a good tan and just want to even out and gain more color, spray it on heavy – you’ll love it!!