Who is the SheerTan Clear Tanner for?

  • Those who don’t mind waiting a few hours for development of a gorgeous spray on tan.
  • Those who don’t want any color to rub off on clothes or linens
  • Those who don’t want to worry about overspray clean-up

What does SheerTan Clear Tanner do for you?

  • Delivers rich, robust color that lasts for days
  • Allows at-home pampering so you can apply in the privacy of your home and without assistance!

Why do I want SheerTan Clear Sunless?

  • Continuous spray, any direction, high quality ingredients with top of the line components.
  • Our airbrush, ultra fine mist absorbs and sinks into the skin evenly
  • The sunless formula is inside a bag in the can. This ensures complete product integrity and allows no mixing with chemical propellants.
  • Our longest lasting formula will not wash off and fades naturally as your skin renews.
  • Our tanning spray on includes anti-aging properties

Why does the success of this product depend on the correct application?

  • Those who do not read and follow the instructions will experience mishaps in application compared to those who read and carefully follow my rules to a perfect application.
  • Please see my instructions for the clear spray on tanner and how to operate the wand.