Who is the SheerTan Instant Body Bronzer for?

  • For Those who want their tan NOW
  • For Those who don’t plan ahead for overnight color development
  • Anyone who wants instant gratification

What does SheerTan Instant Bronzer do for you?

  • Gives Rich color that can be layered to the intensity you want.
  • Allows you to contour various sections of your body to enhance the good ones and camouflage the bad ones.

Why do I want SheerTan Instant Body Bronzer?

  • Most natural Beach Brown color of all products!
  • Takes away all fear of ‘Oh, my gosh, what if it doesn’t look right?’ You can just wash it off with soap and water
  • Contains no sunless ingredients so what you see when you spray is what you get
  • Dries super quick.
  • Absolutely no orange color – no matter what the lighting is.
  • Dispensed with compressed air – Good for you – good for the atmosphere!