You get a breath taking at-home spray tan with our ultra soft mist ~ makes you feel vibrant, look amazingly slim and yes, with our Self Tanner, you can wear less makeup! Our Self Tanner Wand gives a complete, all-over at home spray tan application that’s so Gloriously Easy to Operate. SheerTan At Home Spray Tan spray is Easy on the Skin.

Try them today with confidence – We have 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

You can relax knowing our at home spray tan is dispensed with air ~ Easy on You and with no liquid propellant, that makes it Easy on the Atmosphere!

Gloriously easy self tanner wand + at home spray

Equals genuinely Easy on the Eyes appearance!

With a sunless self tanner, you protect your skin and keep your skin soft without that leather-look associated with years of tanning. Make sure after your at home spray tan application, you apply a sunscreen before going in the sun for an extended length of time.

Starter Sets

SheerTan Instant Body Bronzer

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SheerTan Clear Sunless Refills

What does SheerTan Clear Tanner do for you?

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Who is the SheerTan Clear Tanner for?

SheerTan Bronzer Sunless Refills

Who is the sheertan Bronzer Sunless Tanner for?

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