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    • You can tan where you want, when you want without hassle of planning your day around shopping for tanning places & going to a salon.
    • Get YOUR Own PERSONAL sunless tan without harmful UV Rays. For more about safe tanning, Safe Spray Tanning
    • You can look fabulous wearing much less makeup with our best self tanning products.
    • You get a tan in all those hard-to-reach tanning places that evens out your skin tone – No Streaks Allowed!
    • You get THE WOW! Factor with our wonderfully EASY Best Self Tanning Products:

Self-tanning demo Wand, how to get a tan

    • You get THE WOW! Factor with our wonderfully EASY Best Self Tanning Products:

Benefits of our
Spray On Tanning Wand

    • Never look for tanning places when your tan is fading while on vacation. It’s portable and travels with you!
    • The benefits of having best self tanning products – our Wand has the perfect reach to get to all those tanning places you can’t reach. Now, it can be applied at home with TOTAL coverage without assistance.
    • We’ve Got Your Back! Amazingly easy reach with our Wand – Just the perfect length for an All-Over Sunless Tan.
    • You experience happier days when you don’t have to search for tanning places~



Make sure you skin’s personal billboard says “I want the best self tanning ~ I deserve the best self tanning products ~ Get THE Best – NOW with SheerTan Sunless!”, spray on tanner, bronzer tanning

    • You can relax knowing SheerTan tanner spray is dispensed with compressed air – You don’t have to breathe chemical propellant.
    • Our environmental-friendly spray tanning places goodness on YOU and goodness on the Atmosphere
    • You benefit from our 2 Step tanning process – DHA coupled with Erythrulose ~ Plus it Moisturizes while you spray!
    • Best self tanning products require an airbrush-quality spray to ensure the smallest droplets of mist that sink into the skin evenly for a no streak sunless tan.


  • Order with confidence – Our best self tanning products all have a 30 day money back guarantee – no questions asked!