SheerTan Spray Tanner Before & After Photos

How To Do Spray Tanning? – At-Home Pampering With SheerTan!


We offer the tanning help you need to get that breathtaking tan that makes you feel vibrant plus you need much less make-up! It is for those times when you have a flirty skirt and you pair a halter top with that so tanning is an ‘add-on-must’ when your skin is pale, dull and uneven with tan lines.

Our spray on tanner is perfect for fair skinned individuals like Brandi. Her skin was missing that Wow! factor so vital to ramp-up her mood when she looks in the mirror. SheerTan reactivates your skin by moisturizing as you spray and provides your so important ‘safe tan alternative’ to UV rays.

TIP: For spraying the sides of the back, hold the wand over the opposite shoulder. Then pull that shoulder in toward the middle of the stomach, holding it out of the way so you can move thewand up and down the opposite side-back ensuring an all-over tanning success. To see moredetailed instructions download our spray tan application pages.pdf.


Joe loves the super simple reach of the SheerTan Wand. “I don’t have a lot of flexibility so having the extra length really helps. I no longer have raccoon eyes from the tanning beds and I’m glad to now be protecting my body with lots of high SPF sunscreen when I’m out in the sun and still getting the look I want with a great self tanner.”

Joe is spot-on knowing than being tanned is deemed a healthier look than being pale so when asked where can you buy spray tan, he readily recommends SheerTan because it simply works for him. He knows after a spray tan he gets noticed with smiling glances, turns of the head from gals who might not have noticed before.

Compliment your style with simple, yet chic, go-everywhere credentials with SheerTan Spray on tanning. A tan is just natural with any shorts or tank outfit you choose. Your tan goes from day into the evening like a versatile edgy outfit that shows your confidence and swag that is noticed by everyone!


Mike is comfortable in his own skin because he makes sure his body gets the nutrition it needs on the inside and on the outside, his tanner is the best he can buy. He then complements it all by working all those fabulous muscle groups hard each week. His routine that has rewarded him with a sexy, flawless body designed to inspire anyone who can envision their own body with perfection.

Eye-catching results like you have been blessed by the tanning gods since birth only comes when you work hard to have an amazing physique and when tanning, you can reach all your body parts, not easy for most guys! When you prepare your body properly with exfoliation and have a high quality self tanner, it’s easy to decide how to enhance those abs and contour that upper arm definition, it is a perfect combination.

SheerTan’s two-step tanning process of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Erythrulose works in concert so well rewarding you with a natural golden radiance that lasts for days. It may be a fake tan but the handsome effect makes it looks like it came straight from the sun. Make your skin sunny everyday!