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Barely a teenager, I wanted my freckles to come together so I would have a fabulous tan. Even though that never happened, I accomplished the next best thing ~ I never run out of SheerTan and feel I now offer everyone the best self tanning products in the industry. So, when you begin to prepare for spray tan, we hope you remember us so you, too, can have the advantages in innovation we offer. We stand behind our products and quality is our first concern. Try SheerTan to see why we feel we have the best self tanning products anywhere!

To prepare for spray tan, our mission is to improve the range of choices for application and to make the best self tanning products available.


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We understand busy schedules and bursting budgets. So when you prepare for spray tan by making regular appointments at a tanning salon, they can be difficult to manage and very hard on your wallet.

Our Wand Starter Set enables our customers to prepare for spray tan and apply a golden, streak-free all-over spray on tan in the privacy of their own home, at far less cost than a salon tanning spray on. And, our best self tanning products are portable and can travel with you ensuring you a golden glow on the go.

We spare you the hassles and expense of going to a salon — where you pay more, must book an appointment within their hours, and waste time and money traveling each way. Your tanning spray on can be whenever and wherever you want!

Our Best Self Tanners Wand is compact enough to take with you when

traveling, ensuring you a golden glow on the go.

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SheerTan - Tanning products owner Linda Cooper

“Blessed” with pallid skin by her English/Irish heritage, Linda knows the dramatic difference that a tan can bring. Having lived her life in Texas and Florida, she also knows the sun can cause many harmful effects to those with light skin tones. She burned and peeled on an ongoing basis in her teens. Her family has suffered from multiple melanomas so to get a tan in the sun has a really high price that she no longer is willing to pay.

“I’ve always dreamed of having a great tan, so I was thrilled when new technology emerged in tanning so when you prepare for spray tan, you can get great results from the best self tanning products available. I’ve tried everything from the first Coppertone that came out in the ‘70s, to those awful tanning pills, and turning orange with the first products on the market. Now, the results you can get from a self tanner are beyond wonderful. Being tanned always lifts my spirits; it makes me look healthy and has a fabulous slimming effect!

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Cooper knew that even though there had been great improvements to prepare for spray tan in self tanner solutions in the last few years, there were still significant problems with application.

  • She wanted an all-over spray on tan which required applying the product without clothing.
  • Friends and family weren’t always available to help her prepare for spray tan by helping her apply the self tanner to her back.
  • She was less than thrilled with the idea of having an unknown tanning salon employee spray her in the nude.

With that constant, nagging problem always in her head, she decided to develop a creative solution that she hoped would be among the best self tanning products available. She created the SheerTan Wand with the help of George Carter, a local engineer and inventor. After several prototype attempts, the final product came together.

”I hope everyone who is a self tanner will try it — I know that once you do, you will wonder how you ever did without it” says Cooper.

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