answers for what to do before a spray tan and more
No need to fish for compliments-Your glowing Tan is bait enough to bring admiring glances and instant salivation from those hoppin’ ready to meet you! Learn the art of looking sleek with a tan to complement your own personal style!
When you want to know what to do before a spray tan and see answers for how long does a spray tan last, check out our FAQs for the latest tips, tricks and how to’s for a perfect tan that is now within your reach!


There are some common and some not so common questions coming from our customers. We want to share those ‘most asked questions’ with you so everyone benefits!


This stuff is good but it sticks to your face like glue. What’s a good way for it to come off?

Anthony W.

Here are a list of possibilities to lessen the tan

  • Try applying baking soda – straight from the box – onto wet skin while showering and massage into effect area and rinse clean.
  • Try cotton pads wet with makeup remover – Liquid or cream based
  • Try cotton pads wet with alcohol free astringent toner applied to the face and neck
  • Then for something a little stronger ~ when you just look too dark ~ Try products with fruit acids or those with the key active ingredient is salicylic acid, called beta hydroxy acids. These products cause the epidermis to shed more rapidly by opening clogged pores then restricting their size allowing for new cell growth. A concentration of 2% Beta Hydroxy should be plenty. If you try anything higher than 2%, it must be washed off the face after application.

The goal here is to encourage the skin to lighten in color but mainly it is encouraging the sloughing off of those tanned cells.

Our #1 question: How many tans are in one can?

First, our can weighs less than most because we are among the very few that pay the extra money for a can system that separates the tanner from the propellant. Our propellant is compressed air and is environmentally safe for you and for the atmosphere. Because air does not have weight, our can registers weight for the pure solution only.

Other tanning aerosols combine their tanning solution with a liquid propellant that adds about 10% to the total weight of the can. Our coverage from a SheerTan can has the same tanning coverage as those with a weight of >6 oz.

Secondly, to specifically answer your question ~ As a rule of thumb, you get 2 full body tans from one aerosol can of SheerTan.


There can be variations to this rule when considering body weight and the inherent coverage area. Certainly, a man 6’5’’ is going to have more body to cover than a 5’2’’ tiny young woman.

Additionally, another variation would be how heavily you spray. If you want a dark, dark tan, then you probably won’t get 2 full body tans but perhaps one and 3/4 applications.

However, if you tan only your legs or only your back and arms then a can would last for many applications.

Our #2 question: How long does a spray tan last?


The general answer is…a number of days. Why that kind of answer? Again, as a rule of thumb, you can expect your tan to last 5 to 7 days. I usually being to exfoliate and prepare my skin at the end of the 4th day and that has held pretty true for me.

If you have followed closely the rules concerning what to do before a spray tan, then you should be in good shape!

The WHY: When you apply a self tanner to your skin, it affects the top layer only. Our bodies natually loose skin cells in the perpetual body process of sloughing off followed by skin cell renewal, We are unlike snakes that loose their cells all at once and shed an entire body-size of dead cells.

We, as humans, slough our dead skin cells unevenly

so this is why you will loose your tan gradually. Your tan will begin to fade as you slough off your dead skin cells. When you slough off the skin cells that have been tanned, in effect, you lose your tan.

So, to lengthen the number of days in the sloughing off process, you must care for your skin with a moistuirizer because the dryer the skin, the faster it sloughs off!

To prepare for spray tan is important but moisturizing to keep your tan from sloughing off is also important.

Can I spray my face?

Yes! SheerTan is non-comedogenic and will not clog pores. When spraying your face, cover the hairline or wear a shower cap, close your eyes and hold your breath for a moment while spraying. If desired, you can blend the tanner into the base of the hairline.  You can also spray the tanner onto your gloved finger tips and smooth evenly onto your face or just where you want to highlight.


The trick with the lotion is great – although I don’t really understand how that works at all – it seems like it’d dilute it too much?

Thanks, Carrie S. for liking my lotion trick! I haven’t found there is a difference when using lotion. When I’m in a hurry, I don’t apply the lotion because I’ve had lots of experience and know if you smooth it quickly, moisturizer is not needed but you have to be quick! I haven’t found any difference in the color result between the two.