Spray On


The lovely curve of your back can be described as muscular bundles packed up and distributed down the back side of your torso displayed as gentle curves of beauty and sex appeal. Make it ever more curvaceous and graceful when you prepare for spray tan glow with SheerTan Spray on Tanning!



  • Your spray on tanning will sink in and apply more evenly.
  • It helps build collagen production and builds elasticity while enhancing detoxification.
  • Brisk rubbing with a gentle exfoliate stimulates healthy blood circulation – an invigorating experience!
  • Luminous, youthful skin freshly exfoliated makes for the ideal tanning body canvas that fades gradually and evenly.


If you decide to skip this annoying exfoliate first step, here’s what will happen:

  • You experience dull, drab skin color because layers of dead skin cells will not reflect light and your spray on tanning will not look as natural.
  • Your tan fades too quickly because larger clusters of cells will be shed leaving large gaps between your tan.
  • If you don’t prepare for spray tan cannot absorb into the skin because layers prevent absorption.

The at home spray tan to the level of darkness YOU like. Go for the light sun-kissed look or heavier application for that just from the tropics appearance.

Other rituals to prepare for spray tan application

  • Shave 24 hours prior to your spray on tanning application.
  • Avoid using bar soaps because they tend to have a high pH level – not good for spray on tanning.
  • Don’t use moisturizers or deodorants before a tan – the clog pores and prevent spray on tanning from absorbing into the skin.



NOTE: When you prepare for spray tan, minimize the risk of slipping, stand on a towel or other textured surface while using spray on tanning products.


There is no particular sequence to begin your spray on tanning application. Choose whatever method is comfortable for you. It has been my experience, as time passes you will naturally move to easier methods that work for you. We welcome your suggestions!

For those of you who are beginners with spray on tanning, please follow this method for even and complete coverage without mishaps. This process may take a couple of times to perfect but it works for a fabulously even tan.

1.)  For those applying a sunless tanner (Clear or Bronzer), follow the instructions below.  Moisturize your arms and legs following your spray application. While the tanner is still wet, rub a medium to thick consistency moisturizer in well (SheerTan Moisturizer works the Best). If there are any lines of moisturizer left (that happens with thin lotions) the tanning solution will pool in that area causing a streak.  Pull the wet tanner down onto the ankles and tops of the feet, skimming the top of the toes.  Do not smooth between toes – it gets too heavy here and doesn’t look natural. You want a gradual transition to the ends of the toes.


2.)  For those applying the SheerTan Instant Body Bronzer, smooth a very light moisturizer over very dry areas of the body so that area doesn’t absorb too much spray.  Spray apply the Instant Body Bronzer to the intensity and color that looks good with your skin.  DO NOT SMOOTH.  If you have gotten too close and over-applied, simply dab the run or over-application lightly with a paper towel or tissue.


3.)  It can be difficult to achieve a consistent tan over the bony, curved portions of the elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and feet. Moisturizing over sunless tanners smooths out any mishaps and leaves a fabulously even tan!


4.)  Remember to wash your palms with soap afterward or wear gloves.


5.)  There is no need to moisturize the front or back of your torso or your face. Moisturize your arms and legs only.

There are several ingredients in moisturizers that alter the chemistry and therefore, the development of a sunless tan. Check your moisturizer label closely. Avoid any amino groups like amino acids, alpha hydroxy acids and collagen, UV filters like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and thickeners like carbomer or Carbopol 940. These ingredients induce a less than desirable color during development of your sunless tan.


Use SheerTan Moisturizer to ensure there are no ingredients that will interfere with the development of the sunless tan.

For those of you who are experienced with spray on tanning, with gloved hands, smooth just the wet tanner, without moisturizer where you have difficulty achieving an even finish. You must do this quickly because SheerTan dries very fast. Smooth each section as you apply.

Spray your hands and feet lightly by pulling the tanner wand farther away from your skin. SheerTan is non-comedogenic and safe to use on your face.

Moisturize Daily to maintain spray on tanning.