SheerTan Instant Body Bronzer

Who is the SheerTan Instant Body Bronzer for?

What does SheerTan Bronzer do for you?

Why do I want SheerTan Bronzer?

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Haven’t tried SheerTan Sunless or Bronzers?

Whether you want our sunless to last for days or our Instant Body Bronzer to give you an immediate brilliant body Finish, we give you compelling reasons SheerTan is your best choice. Our customers believe we have the best self tanner out there!

  • Environmentally Friendly – dispensed with compressed air – good for you – good for the atmosphere!
  • Gives you a tan without harsh sun rays that wrinkle and prematurely age your skin.
  • SheerTan is your safe alternative from extended hours in the sun increasing your risk of skin cancer.
  • Apply when and where you want – SheerTan delivers the look and feel of a real tan!

“Starter Sets” – Includes – Wand and one aerosol

– SheerTan Clear Sunless – $39.99

– SheerTan Sunless Bronzer – $39.99

– SheerTan Instant Bronzer – $39.99

‘Aerosol’ Packages


  • Single Sunless Clear – $29.99
  • 2 Pack Sunless Clear – $54.98 ($5.00 discount)
  • 4 Pack Sunless Clear – $89.96 ($20.00 discount)


  • Single Bronzer $29.99
  • 2 Pack Bronzer $54.98 ($5.00 discount)
  • 4 Pack Bronzer $89.96 ($20.00 discount)


  • Single Sunless Clear – $29.99
  • 2 Pack Sunless Clear – $54.98 ($5.00 discount)
  • 4 Pack Sunless Clear – $89.96 ($20.00 discount)


WHAT is the SheerTan Wand?

  • An applicator allowing simple and easy ways to extend the reach of an aerosol can. Now you can have a perfect tan that is within reach!

WHY do I want it?

  • Allows total body coverage so you don’t need to wait for assistance to spray your back
  • Allows application of any sprayable skin care product all over the body – even those hard-to-reach places
  • Superb construction – Lifetime Guarantee!


How do I use it?

  • Open the Wand, drop in a SheerTan aerosol can.
  • Close the Lid and your are ready to spray
  • Just press the hand trigger to dispense the spray

When is the best time to apply?

  • Spray on tanning – where and when you want – YOUR choice
  • Instant Body Bronzer
    • To keep your tan all day, spray after you shower, before you dress for the day
    • For a dramatic evening look, apply an extra layer and contour parts of the body to complement your evening outfit.
  • Sunless Clear or Sunless Bronzer
    • For a tan that last for days, apply to freshly exfoliated skin. We suggest apply about an hour before you go to bed so you wake up refreshed with a magically gorgeous tan!
    • Our sunless doesn’t wash pff with the Clear Formula
    • Our sunless doesn’t wash off with the Bronzer Formula but the bronzer instant color does come off with your first shower.

SheerTan Sunless Clear Spray

What does SheerTan Clear Tanner do for you?

Why do I want SheerTan Clear Sunless?

Who is the SheerTan Clear Tanner for?

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SheerTan Sunless Bronzer

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Gives you confidence in the way you look with even streak-free golden brown color. We are all about richer, deeper spray on tanning. It’s our look of beauty so you exude confidence and swagger where everyone tries to steal a glance.

Our two step self tanner combo of DHA and Erythrulose lets you tan with the highest grade of ingredients available. You will look and feel smart and sassy with the self tanner that leaves your skin soft, supple, radiant for a tan that is timeless yet with modern, urban style.

For today’s best spray on tanning,
SheerTan is all about:

  • Ease of use and portability
  • Ease of application offering versatility
  • Ease of glamorous sex appeal with a tan that makes you comfortable in your own skin.